Comprehensive screening

An integrated suite of features crafted meticulously for compliance professionals and teams dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory adherence and risk management.

Our ensemble of advanced screening tools empowers you to conduct thorough due diligence, assess potential risks, and ensure that your operations align seamlessly with the latest compliance mandates.

Within this suite, you'll find three key features:

Check Sanctions / PEP / Criminal Records

Diligently verify entities against global sanctions, PEP lists, and criminal records to safeguard your organization from regulatory breaches and reputational harm. Our intelligent screening offers both a swift standard search for routine checks and a detailed premium service for comprehensive investigations. Check sanctions / PEP / criminal records

Check Crypto Addresses

The Check Crypto Addresses feature enables real-time monitoring and analysis of blockchain addresses, alerting you to potential exposure to financial crime and ensuring the integrity of your crypto transactions. Check crypto addresses

Document AI

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to deconstruct complex compliance documents with ease. Our Document AI feature allows compliance teams to upload documents, ask nuanced questions, and receive precise answers, streamlining the review process and enabling more focused decision-making.

Our Comprehensive Screening suite is designed to deliver a robust, user-friendly experience that meets the dynamic needs of modern compliance. Explore these features to enhance your compliance strategy, minimize risk, and ensure due diligence becomes a seamlessly integrated component of your business operations. Document AI (coming soon ...)

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