Document AI

Unlock the power of Document AI

Unleash the potential to effortlessly summarize complex documents, seamlessly translate content, ask targeted questions, and pinpoint review data. With Gatenox, harness the power of AI for a smarter and more efficient document management experience.

This is an experimental feature!

With the "Document AI" feature the Compliance Officer is able to:

  1. Summarize Document: Document AI in Gatenox leverages advanced algorithms to distill the key information from your documents, providing concise and insightful summaries.

  2. Translate document: Gatenox's Document AI seamlessly translates documents, breaking down language barriers and enabling effective communication across diverse audiences.

  3. Find review data in the document: Gatenox Document AI is equipped to efficiently locate and extract review-related data within documents, enhancing the accuracy and speed of information retrieval for comprehensive analysis.

  4. Ask a question to the document: Gatenox Document AI enables users to pose specific questions to documents, extracting relevant information and streamlining the search for precise answers.

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