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Information about new features implemented and bug fixes corrected within each release

If you are looking for a list of changes in our API please check API versions - history


  1. Add new final status for cases - "Rejected". Now, the assessment can finish with the decision (approved/rejected), which will result in the final status (completed/rejected). In case of completed status, the risk score is required. For "Rejected" status only a comment is needed. Risk assessment process (corporate verifications), Risk assessment process (individual verifications) and Final assessment.

  2. Reopening the case redirects the user to the corporate/individual verifications list.

  3. Adverse media screening improvements, resulting in switching from BETA to STABLE version.

  4. Other minor fixes.


  1. Allow to add a comment to the UBOs list UBOs .

  2. Add labels (screening results) to the individuals' verifications Personal details and checks Check sanctions / PEP / criminal records.

  3. Minor bug fixes.


  1. Adverse media screening (BETA VERSION) Adverse Media

  2. Upload external risk calculation to the case API version 1.6.0

  3. Allow adding comments to entities and crypto address checks Check crypto addresses and Check sanctions / PEP / criminal records.

  4. Static verification links for individual verifications Company information.

  5. Add a switch to turn on/off notifications about chat messages Account information.

  6. Add fuzzy match score on the issues lists Identified issues.

  7. Other minor features and bug fixes.


  1. Updated Document AI feature, allowing you to chat with AI about the document's content in your chosen language Document AI.

  2. Add email address to the list of cases + allow searching by email Risk assessment process.

  3. Show a message to the user when the list of shareholders (Shareholders) / UBOs (UBOs) has less than 75% of shares.

  4. Other minor features.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed infinite loop redirection when the case got "Processing" status.

  2. Always show the "Identified issues" tab.

  3. Show the name of the missing field (instead of the tab name) on the "Review and finish " tab, in case only one field was missing.

  4. Always ask to choose the company when signing up / logging in with the referral code.

  5. Show new fields in the summary on the "Review and finish" tab.

  6. Other minor bug fixes.


Bug fix:

  1. Include "invitaion_url" in the response to /invite/corporates: API version 1.5.3.

  2. Allow API use to decide if Gatenox Hub should send an invitation email to the corporate customer.


  1. Allow to add customer ID to corporate KYC invitations sent to clients via API API version 1.5.1 and Get the link for your client to start the corporate verification process (KYB)

  2. Display the list of corporate invitations sent How do you send an invitation to the corporate client?

  3. Verification lists (individualRisk assessment process and corporate Risk assessment process ) now display the business owner's email in the "Name" field, allowing search using this data.

Bug fixes:

  1. Login/logout/"401 unauthorized" error problems after inactivity time.

  2. "Business email" field visibility.

  3. Disable the "Continue" button when a person/company is added to business representatives/shareholders/UBOs lists.

  4. Refresh the tabs in the menu after the context is changed.

  5. Other minor fixes.


  1. Integrate new crypto address report provider - AMLBot ( Check Crypto Addresses )

  2. Show the brand name in the profile subtitle ( Manage business information )

  3. Order context list alphabetically ( Multiple company profiles )

  4. Allow to turn on / off email notifications about case status changes ( Account information ).

Bug fixes:

  1. "Add assessment" was not displayed upon opening the case for the first time.

  2. The ToDo list did not display "at_least" rules (for example "Provide at least one director").


  1. Allow the Compliance Officer to mark the sanctions / PEP / criminal records as relevant/irrelevant. Identified issues

  2. Allow the Compliance Officer to upload additional files related to the case. Additional files

  3. Filters are now cleared after a new request for an entity or crypto address check is performed. Check crypto addresses Check sanctions / PEP / criminal records


  1. Allow to mark section as reviewed during the risk assessment process Review progress

  2. Allow to return the case from QA for additional analysis Risk assessment process andAssessment with QA

  3. The industry list has been expanded Fields

  4. Add a button to refresh the crypto address wallet report list Check crypto addresses

Bug fixes:

  • Performance optimized,

  • Updated RWD design to correctly display Gatenox Hub on mobile devices,

  • Show the "Identified issues" tab, even if no entity is found on sanctions lists,

  • Hide the "Continue" button, while adding a person/company to the list,

  • Other minor fixes.


New data can be collected for individuals: email address and crypto wallet.


The new KYC provider has been integrated KYC process


  1. Add Terms&Conditions consent during individual KYC process Welcome to the KYC process!


Bug fixes:


Show a list of companies/individuals invited to the onboarding process Invitation and data-gathering process (onboarding)

Bug fixes:

  • correct layouts and added loading screens


Allow to add customer ID to individual KYC invitations sent to clients via API API version 1.3.5


Referral program Referral code


  1. Allow Users to check sanctions / PEP / criminal records without the case Check sanctions / PEP / criminal records

  2. Allow Users to check a crypto address without the case Check crypto addresses


CEIDG (Polish sole proprietorship register) integration


Ongoing monitoring of clients - recurring reviews Company information


Experimental feature: Document's AI - summarizes the document content and chats with AI about the document Document AI


Communication Tool - allow Compliance Teams to ask questions to the cases and receive answers from Business Users In-App Communication Tool


The new KYC provider has been integrated KYC process


Allow to invite and review individuals' profiles (KYC process) #how-to-send-an-invitation-to-the-client


Gatenox Hub revamp - new service design


Integration with crypto address reports provider (Coinfirm) Crypto address verification


Multi-user and multi-context accounts Users management


Internal KYC process Complete KYC details

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