Start onboarding customers with Gatenox

There are a few simple steps to start verification of your customers using Gatenox Hub:

  1. Add information about your company About your company.

  2. Setup your required data (optional) What data my company requires?

  3. Configure your referral code Referral code.

  4. Send an invitation to review for corporate client: Send the invitation for review to the corporate client.

  5. Send an invitation to review for individuals: Send the invitation for Individual KYC.

  6. Add the "Apply via Gatenox" button or link to your portal/webpage Apply via Gatenox.

Alternatively, Gatenox Hub serves as an initial tool for screening against sanctions, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), and criminal records. Additionally, we provide blockchain analytics to facilitate requests for crypto address verification reports, enabling a comprehensive assessment of associated risks. These features are offered via Gatenox API

Find out more about how to use Gatenox Hub as a screening tool here: Comprehensive screening.

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