Referral code

Each verifier receives a dedicated referral code which is used to quickly redirect the customer to Gatenox and start the onboarding process.

Where is my referral code?

The referral code is generated automatically after a new company is created. It can be found in the "Settings" menu under the "Company information" tab.

Your code consists of randomly generated letters and digits. If you prefer you can change the code to better fit your requirements, for example: company name.

Where referral code is used?

The referral code (with a link to Gatenox Hub) is used in:

  1. "Apply via Gatenox" button or link (Apply via Gatenox)

Customers will be redirected to the welcome page after clinking on the link/button with your referral code. The information about your onboarding process and your services will be displayed, along with the "Sign up" / "Login" to the Gatenox Hub button.

After logging in to Gatenox your company will be automatically added to the customer's current onboarding list.

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